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Trade Commodities with Basel Capital Markets

With Basel Capital Markets, one can trade CFDs with almost any security in the world underlying. Among these tradable assets are also commodities.

Since ancient times, commodities such as gold, oil, copper and agricultural produce have been used as a mean of exchange.  In our day and age, the worth of these commodities is determined by the global exchange of the different materials in commerce and financial markets, as well the climate and regional politics in different places around the globe.

Within the available commodities available on our platform are Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Gold, Silver, Copper, and even Coffee!

Feel the climate change yet?

Our world is changing a lot, and fast. Integration with western society makes more and more Chinese people choose coffee over tea every morning, and different countries around the world decide to correlate the value of their currency with gold.  Do you think you know what the next trend is, that will change the value of commodities as we know it?

Trade on it, and your knowledge might prove profitable!

Available commodities in Basel Capital Markets

At Basel Capital Markets, we never stop trying to give our customers the best conditions and environment to successfully trade in.  As a part of those ongoing efforts, our list of available commodities  to trade from, as well as the commissions for each asset are changed on an almost daily basis. To make sure that you are only accessing the most relevant data, you can view the full list of commodities  available and conditions directly in the trading terminal (either through our SIRIX Trader or the MetaTrader Terminal).

Among our most popular commodities:

  • Gold, Silver and Copper
  • Coffee
  • Natural Gas
  • Oil (Brent & Crude)